Columbus OH – What Attractions Are There To Visit In The Capital City?

Columbus OH is host to many great attractions, and it’s one of the best cities in the Buckeye state to visit. If you are ready to take a look at what all The Discovery City has to offer its visitors, prepare to be amazed. It’s going to be so much fun making your way around this capital city. We’ve looked at some of the places you might think about visiting, and I’ve got more lined up for you right now.

Let’s begin with the Ohio Statehouse, and its address is 1 Capitol Square. It’s a good place to get started with since Columbus is the capital city and all. It’s a great representation of the best architecture in Columbus, and the building is quite beautiful indeed. There are historic signs to read, and reviews say that walking around the exterior is a treat in and of itself. If you choose to go inside, expect your guided tour to last a little over an hour.

Ohio State University is another great place to pick because it is a staple of the capital city. You’re going to make your way to North High Street, and you can opt for a tour of the campus with staff if you like. You’re going to find all kinds of things to do there, and of course it is just a beautiful campus to visit. You can also catch a Buckeyes game if they are in season. That’s one thing about what all you will find going on there is it changes from season to season. You’re going to enjoy your time walking around Ohio State University.

Have you been to the German Village in Columbus? If not, then you certainly need to pay it a visit as well. The location is 488 South 3rd Street, at least to get started, and you’re also going to be right by Downtown Columbus. That’s like two entire areas of the city to visit all at once. The historic German Village is very authentic and is a great place to explore, shop and eat.

Those great places to visit in Columbus are going to do more than just wow you. They are going to kick off your vacation to a great start. Plan on stopping by as many places as you can because you will enjoy all of the wonderful attractions. The German Village and Downtown Columbus are host to quite a few things to do.